Vasalundshallen is being developed into Idrottens Hus in Solna. Vasalundshallen was built in 1957, at that time it was unusual for a hall to combine gymnasiums, sports hall, swimming pool, sauna and doctor’s office in one building. Vasalundshallen is planned to be converted into new sports facilities when the new swimming pool in Solna is completed in the fall of 2022.

A new sports hall will be created by converting the “swimming pool room”, which will be used for basketball, handball, floorball and volleyball. Similarly, new sports facilities will be created by converting the other areas of the building that are planned to be used for, among other things. dance, table tennis and martial arts. The renovation will add approximately 1600 square meters of new sports facilities in Solna.

On behalf of Solna Stad, Exengo contributes expertise in electrical systems, lighting design, telecommunications, communication and security, and energy.


Property owners


Year of assignment

2023 – ongoing


Solna, Stockholm

Surface area

7000 sqm


White Arkitekter