The Nature Conservation Society

In close collaboration with Kaminsky Architecture, Arcona, Alfred Consulting and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Exengo has designed all installations in the renovation of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s headquarters in Södermalm.

The keywords have been reuse and environmentally friendly product choices in order to set a good example and show the industry how to work together on tenant adaptation, which corresponds to today’s high work environment requirements, but at the same time with minimal climate impact. The Nature Conservation Society’s own expertise has contributed to the development of the project, which is primarily tailored to their needs and financial sustainability without compromising their main work, nature and environmental issues.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s early goal of creating Sweden’s most sustainable office has placed high demands on the use of recycled installations. Some of the installations in the existing premises have been reused. Leftover materials from other completed projects have been reused. Together, the entire project team, installers and Arcona have found surplus materials such as furniture, fixtures and porcelain for wet rooms, helping to keep the climate impact to a minimum. Where functions required new products, these have been carefully selected.

Exengo has designed all installations through system documentation and to final construction documents. The premises have been made more energy efficient through smart lighting controls, with all luminaires fitted with LEDs.

A unique project that we hope to see more of in the future!

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Södermalm, Stockholm

Surface area

1500 sqm