The creative school

In Huddinge municipality, there is a new dream school for pupils from pre-school to grade nine. This is a unique primary school that specializes in activity-based learning with an emphasis on health and technology. The building is about 5,000 square meters and provides space for about 500 students to be inspired and develop.

Exengo was commissioned by Freindly Building to design all installations in lighting, electrical and telecommunications systems, plumbing and responsible for the energy coordination of Passive House technology, according to the German standard. Passive House Institute . Passive house means that Skapaskolan has a well-insulated building envelope so that heat losses are minimal and thus the building has both good thermal comfort and very low energy use. For more on Passive House technology, read here .

Friendly Building and Street Monkey Architects have created, with a focus on Passive House technology and the efficient production method, an extremely beautiful and inspiring building.

In 2019, Skapaskolan became one of the nominated projects for the Building of the g e 2019 .

Property owners

Year of assignment



Huddinge, Stockholm

Surface area

5000 sqm