What is WiredScore?

is an international company that created a certification system for real estate digital infrastructure.

The certification system provides a clear picture of a property’s digital infrastructure, enabling property owners to more easily understand, improve, compare and market the building. The system also makes it clear to potential tenants how well adapted and robust the property is for current and future digital ways of working.

What is measured?

The WiredScore scorecard measures five main aspects of your building’s digital capabilities, ranging from its ability to adapt to future technologies, to the overall quality of the user experience.

How robust and secure is your digital infrastructure? Is there a backup entrance for fiber and protection against damage or flooding? In short, how sure are your tenants of uninterrupted broadband?

Future readiness
Does your digital infrastructure have the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new technologies? Can your tenants be sure that their building is as future-proof as possible?

Mobile phone
Does mobile coverage extend into every corner of the property? What about underground parking? Is the 5G building ready, and if not, what plans are in place?

Choice of suppliers
Are there several high-speed fibre suppliers to choose from? More choice means more competitive prices and gives your tenants a potential backup if a service goes down.

User experience
Does the building offer people seamless digital connectivity? How strong is the wifi in common areas? Will your video continue to stream as you ride the elevator to the 38th floor?

A WiredScore certificate is proof that the building has good connectivity, is adapted to future changes and is resistant to physical interference.

The company WiredScore has certified several buildings in the US, Australia, UK, France and Germany and was launched in the Nordics at the end of November 2021. Some buildings certified within WiredScore are: The Shard (UK), Duo Towers (FRA), Salesforce Tower (AUS) and Empire State Building (USA).

We are trained in WiredScore. Be among the first in Sweden to certify your building and let Exengo do the certification for you.

Wiredscore i Stockholm

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