Technical Project Management

Our technical project management services for installations cover various support functions throughout the construction process from the early stages of investigation during design and participation in production to handover to the final user.

Technical support in installation has become increasingly important as the requirements for the technical solutions designed for buildings today are becoming more complex and technically advanced. Examples include different types of fire protection functions, protection, monitoring and security functions, indoor climate and lighting control functions, alarm management and monitoring of the building’s technical systems. Achieving many of these functions often requires collaboration throughout the construction process between a number of different disciplines.

Our main task is to work in close cooperation with our clients and to have a great understanding of the end goal of the project in order to deliver a good result to the final user. In order to do this well, it is often beneficial to get this planning involved at an early stage and then pursue it throughout the project until handover to the end customer.

Exengo can now offer a number of employees with extensive experience in various installation areas who can carry out these assignments with carefully planned and well thought-out working methods. We believe this is a key factor in being successful even with the most technically advanced and complex assignments.

Teknisk projektledning av Exengo

We work with

  • Assessing and evaluating proposals at the idea stage
  • Studies to support early programs
  • Identification of procurement and construction requirements
  • Assisting with evaluation and procurement
  • Review and assess different proposed solutions
  • Responsible for energy coordination/energy certification
  • Coordinate technical solutions, systems and functional relationships in the design phase.
  • Documented theoretical coordinated testing of designed solutions
  • Coordinated test programs and boundary lists to support designers
  • Assisting design managers in the field of installation
  • Acting as BAS-P
  • Planning and monitoring of contractor self-monitoring and commissioning
  • Development of programs for coordinated testing and functional checks
  • Responsibility for and implementation of coordinated testing and functional checks
  • Monitor and be responsible for a coordinated production schedule for installations.
  • Ensure that the installation complies with specified technical requirements
  • Operation and maintenance planning
  • Preparation of operating and maintenance instructions