Passive house

Passive house means that buildings have a well-insulated building envelope so that heat loss is minimal. Thus, solar heating, internal heat gains and recovered heat in ventilation systems are sufficient to maintain good thermal comfort. The building is heated “Passively” without any additional heat sources. This concept provides an energy efficiency improvement of up to 75% compared to buildings that only comply with BBR requirements. Passive House is not a standard describing energy performance, but rather a concept for achieving the highest possible thermal comfort at low overall cost. This is only due to low annual heat demand, which in turn results in a low energy footprint.

Exengo energy consultants follow passive house concepts according to the German Passive House Institute standard, an international certification system with the same criteria regardless of location. Exengo energy consultants are internationally certified passive house experts (CEPH) and can help you as a customer with energy coordination according to passive house technology.

Passivhus Exengo

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