Plumbing installations are necessary, but can be costly and rarely repeated. Creating good thermal comfort is complex because it affects well-being and comfort. Therefore, technical knowledge, experience, but also creativity are required at all the design stages we encounter. Our HVAC consultants design energy-efficient and well-functioning indoor climates for both working environments and homes, handling assignments at all stages of the construction process. From the idea/study phase and feasibility studies via program documents to the design phase. We also act as installation coordinators and installation managers during the construction phase in everything from small renovation projects to large development projects and new productions.

We believe that the greatest customer benefit is achieved with integrated design where we can manage, design and be responsible for all installation systems. A holistic approach to all areas of installation in a construction project. This allows us to influence all energy carriers within the property, which is a great advantage when delivering energy-efficient solutions. Physical and technical coordination is also facilitated when all installation consultants are gathered in one office. Our focus is to optimize installation systems for clients and users with regard to function, energy use, investment, operation and maintenance costs. Exengo’s HVAC consultants have delivered comprehensive solutions with high demands on energy use and environmental certification in several large projects where our clients have been both private and public property owners, contractors, management and project management companies.

Konsulter inom VVS i Stockholm

We work with

  • Ventilation
  • Heat
  • Sanitation
  • Cooling
  • Gas
  • Compressed air
  • Energy
  • Installation coordination
  • Technical project management
  • Inspection missions