In every construction project, reducing energy use means reducing the building’s impact on the environment.

As buildings consist of a range of complex technical systems that interact with their occupants, a broad knowledge of these is a prerequisite for achieving good performance and low energy use.

Exengo has energy consultants with extensive experience in energy calculations, energy coordination and investigations in both existing buildings and new constructions.

In addition to extensive expertise in energy calculation and coordination, our energy specialists work closely with our electrical, HVAC and automation & control installation consultants. Together, we can take a holistic approach to your building and identify the most profitable efficiency measures. These have become more important than ever with today’s climate targets and skyrocketing electricity prices.

At least every four years, large companies and businesses must carry out energy audits. Exengo has certified energy auditors who can help you with the work.

Exengo energikonsult

We work with

  • Energy calculations (BBR, Miljöbyggnad, Svanen, BREEAM)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy mapping – Certified in EKL
  • Environmental coordination
  • Energy coordination – support throughout the building process for project-specific energy targets
  • Thermal bridge calculations – calculations for thermal bridges in building structures
  • Daylight calculations
  • LCC calculations