Electrical engineering

When working as an electrical consultant, it is important at the start of each project to identify risks, opportunities and calculate impacts that will determine the size of the components to be included in the installation. This lays the foundation for the entire design process and determines the choices and decisions made. Our organization is broad and highly skilled and transcends the traditional boundaries between disciplines, giving us a broad perspective and understanding of the entire construction process.

Every day we face different issues that require a high ability to interpret requests and messages in order to make the right considerations when choosing products and systems in the documents we design. Comprehensiveness, commitment and expertise are words that characterize us in our work as advisory consultants. By taking a holistic view of a project, we can provide advice and solutions at the right level for our clients and users. Ultimately, this leads to smarter solutions and lower costs. We design documents for both new construction and refurbishment for all kinds of properties such as hotels, commercial properties, shops, hospitals, restaurants, schools and kindergartens as well as technical properties such as bus depots and laboratories.

With our measurement analyzer, we can help with power quality measurements (voltage, current, power, imbalance, harmonics, flicker, etc.) and analyze how your electrical system is actually doing. Problems related to power quality can, for example, cause equipment to malfunction or, in the worst case, break down.

We have experience in designing installations for buildings to be environmentally certified within BREEAM, LEED, Miljöbyggnad, Svanen and Green Building.

El av Exengo

We work with

  • Power system
  • Scaffolding
  • Lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Electrical environment
  • Telephony and data
  • Backup power and UPS systems
  • Lightning protection
  • AV technology
  • Power quality measurements
  • Inspections
  • Lighting programming KNX and Helvar