Communication and Security

Exengo’s consultants have extensive experience and expertise in electricity, telecommunications, communication and security. Experience we have gathered by participating in various buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, shops, sports facilities and offices but also various cultural buildings with preservation requirements such as churches and cultural centers. The development that takes place with new technology places higher demands on all systems of a building.

We help you project and document systems for communication, security, telecommunications and data based on specific needs. In collaboration with architects, property owners, contractors, telecom operators and authorities, we are used to creating complex systems for high requirements but also to take responsibility for entire projects – from preliminary study to implementation and follow-up.

Exengo’s experts in telecommunications and communication & security are certified in burglar alarms, fire alarms and camera surveillance.

Kommunikation och säkerhet

We work with

  • Telecommunication system
  • Telephony and indoor mobile phone coverage
  • IT / Data
  • Security system – locks, passage, fire alarm, escape alarm and CCTV
  • Planning BIM and Revit
  • Project management