Building Automation

Today’s modern, comfortable and energy-efficient properties place high demands on the integration of various technical systems within plumbing, electrical engineering, lighting, communication and security. We create solutions for control and monitoring systems of properties to more complex control systems in industry and infrastructure. Our focus is to build technically well-thought-out solutions with energy saving, while taking into account creating logical and easy-to-use systems for the management stage.

When we work with existing properties, we usually start with a mapping and inventory of the buildings. We determine what measures need to be taken to create energy- and user-friendly systems. This helps our clients to manage their properties in a simple and cost-effective way. Our consultants have extensive experience and broad competence in automation. Most have a background as entrepreneurs. Combined with the experience from the consulting side, it creates an all-round understanding of the problems they face. We work with the design of offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, shopping centers, schools, housing as well as industrial and infrastructure projects.

Automation & styr av Exengo

We work with

  • Project planning
  • Inspection assignment
  • Coordinated control
  • Installation coordination
  • Inventory
  • Calculation
  • Procurement
  • Project management