Project with Axfast

Since the start in 2011, Exengo has collaborated with Axfast and designed several renovations in many of the real estate company’s portfolios in central Stockholm.

  • Kv Taktäckaren 2, Tulegatan 15-19, Kungstensgatan 18-20 and Rehnsgatan 11 where e.g. our own office is housed.
  • Kv Bryggmästaren 5 and 6, Gamla Brogatan 30-32, Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26-28 where you will find restaurant Frantzén and Kungsgatan 55 and 53 where HTL hotel is established.
  • Kv Phoebus 10, Skeppsbron 34-36 – investigation of climate and design of plumbing and control.
  • Kv Pilen 18, Vasagatan 40 – HVAC and electrical design for a tenant adaptation.
  • Mäster Samuelsgatan – an entrance was refurbished and provided with new lighting.
  • Kv Jakob Mindre 11, Gustav Adolfs Torg 16-20 and Jakobsgatan 5-7 – design of plumbing in connection with reconstruction.
  • Kv Boken 6, Kungsgatan 57 and Gamla Brogatan 34 – performed system documents for plumbing, control, energy, lighting and electrical installations.


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