Night shift 12 & 14

In the Västberga industrial area, a new parking garage, Nattskiftet 12, is being built with space for 135 parking spaces, half of which will have charging points for electric cars. On the ground floor, commercial premises of about 500 square meters will be created.

In connection with the new garage, an existing office building, Nattskiftet 14, is being renovated. The building will be refurbished and made more attractive. The refurbishment also creates a new stairwell with an elevator to improve accessibility.

On behalf of Arcona, Exengo has designed all installation systems from early investigations to finished construction documents for the entire Nattskiftet 12 and the base building in Nattskiftet 14.


Property owners


Year of assignment



Västberga, Stockholm

Surface area

about 8400 sqm