Framework agreement stockholmshem


Exengo has signed a framework agreement with Stockholmshem for consulting services in electricity. The agreement applies to both renovation and new construction projects of Stockholmshem’s apartment buildings. Assignments will include jobs at all stages of the process, including energy calculations, verification missions, photovoltaics. The agreement runs from July 2023 to July 2025. with the possibility of a two-year extension.

Stockholmshem is one of the country’s largest housing companies. Stockholmshem was founded in 1937 and since then has been one of the biggest players in the development and growth of Stockholm.

The housing stock consists of 28,000 residential apartments and 3,900 commercial premises. The total lettable area amounts to 2 087 00 sqm.

We look forward to the new cooperation!

Photographer: Stockholmshem

Meet Minoo, energy specialist at Exengo.


Minoo Blomgren is one of our three energy specialists at Exengo.
What does an energy specialist do by day?
– We asked some quick questions to get an insight into Minoo’s daily work.

What does a typical day look like?
Most often I perform different types of calculations in the program IDA ICE for energy, indoor climate or daylight. There will also be some meetings with an architect, designer or HVAC consultant. In these meetings, we try to find optimal solutions to meet the project’s energy and indoor environment requirements. Every day I also try to spend some time monitoring the state of the energy industry. There’s a lot going on in the field that affects our services, it’s important to stay up to date to help our customers in the best possible way!

Which project is the most fun?
Projects where customers have high ambitions for energy use and not just a focus on the lowest possible cost. There are major challenges here. The role of an energy coordinator is particularly important in finding the best solution, which often requires close cooperation between all disciplines. It is always nice to see challenging projects with high ambitions for energy use, hope to see more of it in the future.

What is your best tip for making a property more energy efficient?
My advice is to bring in an energy specialist at an early stage to optimize the operation of the facility. Then, together, we can create a reduction in energy use that results in lower operating costs.

Personal questions:
Country or city? – The country
Swimming in the sea or pool? – Pools
Planning or spontaneity? – Planning
Coffee or tea? – Coffee during the day, tea in the evening
Do you have any hobbies? – Playing the piano
Favorite dish? – Persian food
If you could take one thing to a desert island? – A genie in a bottle
Are you a dog or cat person? – Cat person

Photographer: bara Bild



Stockholm City Library was the most modern library in Europe when it opened in 1928. The library was the first in Sweden to have open bookshelves where patrons could pick their own books.

Since 2020 until today, the building has undergone several maintenance works and further technical upgrades are planned to be carried out in 2025-2027.

Exengo has been entrusted to help develop another of Stockholm’s most important buildings with expertise in electrical systems, lighting and telecommunications and security systems.

Photographer: Exengo

New plumbing framework contract for sisab


Once again, we have been entrusted with designing schools and preschools for SISAB.

This time with a number 1 ranking. Fortunately, SISAB chose to focus in its procurement on the consultant’s experience of schools and preschools, the competence of the offered consultants and the description of the implementation of an assignment. The price was fixed. The contract was won by Exengo in competition with around 15 other consultancies.

The agreement is effective from October 1 and we look forward to a good cooperation. Exengo already has a framework agreement with SISAB for Electricity & Telecommunications, Control & Monitoring and test managers.

Photographer: Exengo

Boule in Haga Park


Last August, Exengo’s boules tournament took place in Boulebar Hagaparken. The sun came out and there were many exciting matches. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Photographer: Christoffer Steensma

New arrivals in old premises


In 2014, Arcona and Exengo moved into newly renovated premises in the Taktäckaren property in the middle of Vasastan. In the same year, the office was named Sweden’s most attractive office. Since then, the premises have been expanded twice to provide Exengo with more workplaces and expand the companies’ shared meeting areas.

Events in recent years have led to a change in the way we work, with home working, team meetings and less use of the office workplace. During the summer of 2023, the premises have been downsized and optimized for the new needs. Exengo and Arcona have relocated, office workstations have been reduced and new focus rooms and smaller meeting rooms have been created.

Exengo designed the installations and Arcona Architects selected the interior design and color scheme. Recycling has of course been an important part of the renovation. Furniture has been reupholstered, glass panels have been moved and new carpets have been designed from leftover scraps.

Feel free to drop by and we’ll tell you more!

Photographer: Exengo

Cederhusen - Stockholm's building of the year


Cederhusen Bologna has been named Stockholm Building of the Year. The City of Stockholm jury comment on the winner: “Cederhusen sets a new standard in Stockholm for what a wooden house can be and how it can contribute to the Stockholm cityscape. Stockholm is very much characterized by light-coloured plastered facades and Cederhusen is a good example of how new materials can interact with the city’s traditional tone and design. In the evening, lighting at entrances, balconies and courtyards adds human warmth. The design of the buildings works well both from a distance and in detail”.

Cederhuset in Hagastaden is one of the world’s largest wooden house projects and the first apartment building in Stockholm to be built in solid wood. The project consists of 234 housing units distributed in four 7-14 storey buildings in two blocks. The architect of the project is General Architecture and the developer is Folkhem.

Exengo has designed all installation systems.

Photo: General Architecture

Extended contract in Vasastan


We are very happy to have the opportunity to remain on Rehnsgatan. An adaptation of the premises is in full swing, where of course Exengo is responsible for the project planning and Arcona architects for the design and Arcona for the implementation. The aim of the project is to create an office that meets today’s demands for flexibility and the new way of working more digitally. We want to create an office where the employees of the different companies can meet and our customers will feel that Rehnsgatan is the place to be!

We’re increasing the number of meeting rooms of different sizes, creating focus rooms for individual or pair work, and updating the decor to make it more 2023. We have chosen to keep as much as possible of the installations and to supplement and relocate where necessary. Furnishings are saved, reupholstered and carpets are recycled into new carpets.

Production will take place during the summer with a “grand opening” in August and we of course hope to show the result during the fall for all customers and partners.

Photographer: Exengo

Benefits of holistic design


Since its inception, Exengo’s business concept has been to offer total project management. We believe in close cooperation to create optimized projects. Our specialty is to offer installation design and specialists in all areas of technology. The advantage of a full-service installation consultant is a contact person for the customer. The assignment manager leads the project planning in all installation disciplines, makes regular reconciliations with the customer regarding how the work is progressing against the schedule and cost reconciliation and leads the quality and environmental work. With a comprehensive consultant, the risk of coordination mistakes is reduced, not only in terms of physical coordination but also in terms of system coordination and greater ability to meet energy consumption and environmental requirements. With today’s energy and sustainability requirements, our experience is that this is difficult to achieve unless everyone works together towards the same goal.

Photographer: Jansin & Hammarling



For the seventh year in a row, we stood on the Vasaloppet starting line with a strong group of employees to ski Vasaloppet 30. This year, 1 out of 4 employees participated. Every year there are more and more of us, both beginners and experienced skiers. We do this together, a good motivation to keep going. A tradition we hope to keep alive for some time to come!

Photographer: Exengo

Review your lighting system - fluorescent lamps will be phased out in 2023.


Does your lighting installation contain old T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes? Then it is high time to replace them with efficient LED luminaires. Already today, several suppliers have stopped their production of fluorescent tubes to adapt and respond to the new regulations.

As of February 2023, most of the currently most common light sources will be phased out in accordance with new EU regulations and when the exemption for mercury in light sources is removed in the RoHS Directive. The phase-out will have a positive impact on both the environment and people, as mercury is one of today’s most dangerous environmental toxins.

Our lighting experts can help you review your lighting installation, provide an LCC calculation and suggest a replacement. When switching to LED, we recommend reviewing the lighting control system as well. Is it possible to have an automatic switch-off to avoid unnecessary operating times?

Read more about the exact dates of the phase out

Photographer: BaraBild

Winter coming - Time for energy efficiency?


Since its inception in 2011, Exengo has helped property owners with large and small efforts to reduce their property’s consumption. With expertise in all areas of installation, we are able to deliver proposals for energy-saving measures linked to life cost analyses and cost estimates. A status inventory can reveal unnecessary energy losses. Proposed measures are developed and can, after consultation with the client, result in a tender document. Exengo can also assist in the tender review and participate in the coordinated testing. We are also able to measure electricity consumption which can be used as a basis for action. Sometimes a review of the building’s control and monitoring system is a quick and easy way to reduce consumption. With calculations, we can also advise on cost-effective measures for building envelope renovation or smarter energy systems.

Photographer: Mattias Hamrén

BREEAM-SE level Excellent Hotel tapetfabriken


Clarion Collection in Sickla, also known as Tapetfabriken, has received BREEAM-SE level Excellent certification. One of the very few hotels in Sweden to achieve the highest level of the environmental certification system!

The existing brick building from 1906 has been partially demolished. The brick has been reinstalled on the two lower floors of the new building. The property has been fitted with three completely new floors. On behalf of Arcona, Exengo designed all installation systems (with the exception of sprinklers) and coordinated energy indicators to meet BREEAM-SE requirements.

Photographer: Anders Bobert

Ericsson Imagine Studio - One of the finalists in the Swedish Light Prize!


Our unique project Ericsson Imagine Studio is one of the finalists in the Swedish Light Prize!

For the third time, we will have the opportunity to stand on stage during Light Day as one of the finalists in the Swedish Light Prize. This time with a truly unique project that demonstrates how light and architecture together can create magic!

In 2017 the project started as one of our turnkey projects where we designed all installations from early investigations to final construction documents. The project that started as a small entrance grew into a sea of steel pipes. Lighting concepts have been carefully created together with the architects at Sandell Sandberg to achieve a lighting environment that interacts with and highlights the unique architecture. Test installations and test lighting have been carried out to verify the solutions. The light has also been connected to a control system to enable different scenarios by changing color, movement and light intensity. All to create a living environment!

We look forward to September 6 when the winner of the Swedish Light Prize will be announced!

Photographer: Jansin & Hammarling

Viktor Rydbergs Skola - Winner of the ROT prize!


Viktor Rydberg’s school in Fisksätra, Nacka, has been named the winner of the Stockholm Association of Master Builders’ ROT Prize 2022. “The outdated and worn-out school building has been resurrected like a phoenix to its former 70s glory but with daylight, interior and materials adapted to the educational needs of today and tomorrow”, the jury writes.

One of our many school projects where we carried out the design of all installation systems. The school opened in the fall of 2021 for students in grades F-9.

Photographer: Jansin & Hammarling

Mengus and Exengo create workplaces for well-being


Exengos meets Björn Lindahl, partner at Mengus, in one of their properties located in Frösundavik, Solna. Mengus acquired the property in 2016 and has made significant investments since then. Since its inception, Exengo has been involved in several projects.

The idea is to create a ‘fitwel’ environment with a focus on health and well-being directly linked to the workplace. Tenants have access to their own gym, mountain bikes, canoes and proximity to outdoor activities. The property is Breeam certified, but also Sweden’s first building to be wellness certified according to Fitwel, a certification that focuses on human well-being.