Kv Landbyska Verket 8

From 1885 to 1960, Engelbrektsplan was the terminus of the Roslagsbanan and Djursholmsbanan. The property Landbyska Verket 8 was built in 1914-1915 and was then the headquarters and station house for Stockholms-Roslagens Järnvägar. The old station clock is still on the facade today.

Exengo has been involved in producing documents from concept to construction documents for electricity, lighting, control and plumbing in several tenant adaptations in the property. Landbyska Verket is classified as green according to City Museum’s cultural-historical classification map and have a high cultural-historical value. A major focus has been on creating a new modern standard in the property while preserving the beautiful rooms and the building’s period environment.


Property owners


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Stockholm, Engelbrektsplan

Surface area

Tenant adaptations 200-400 sqm