Kv Fyrkanten 11

Kv. Fyrkanten is a 1920s classicism building, also known as ‘Swedish Grace’, located along Sveavägen in Stockholm. The building consists of three functions, an office section, a residential section and a church hall. Today, the building is classified as green according to the City Museum’s classification map and is considered to have a cultural-historical value. The property previously housed a school, restaurant, nightclub, church hall, offices and various shops. The entire building will now be rebuilt and adapted for new tenants.

Exengo has designed system documents for all installation systems. Construction documents have been designed for the ventilation system where Exengo has also contributed with cooling requirement calculations. The project will be certified within Breeam in Use Excellent and WiredScore. Exengo carries out the certification of WiredScore Platinum, which is a certificate that the building has a good connection that is adapted to future changes and resists physical disturbances.


Property owners

Year of assignment

2021 – 2023


Norrmalm, Stockholm

Surface area

8 200 sqm