Kv Druvmusten 3

The Stockholm City Property Office, FSK, will establish a new archive on behalf of the Stockholm City Archive, SSA. The archive will be housed in parts of two caverns at Liljeholmskajen.

The aim and ambition of the project is to create a public activity with archive visits, seminars and exhibitions.

The premises outside the caverns comprise about 600 sqm GFA on two levels, which will contain offices, meeting rooms and auditoriums etc.

The excavation area covers approximately 6,000 sqm BTA. These have been protected from the ingress of water from the rock by a tunnel lining which has a distance of about 50 cm from the rock wall and contains a number of zippered ‘inspection hatches’ and an underlying steel cable structure every four meters. The ceiling height is about 7 meters in the middle and the idea is to build the archives in a double-decker with a two-storey sealing system.


Relay Installation AB

Property owners


Year of assignment



Årstadal / Liljeholmen, Stockholm

Surface area

6600 sqm