Installationssamordning DTC

Exengo has been involved in the project Skansen 18 from feasibility study, via program and system document to construction and relationship document. Since the knowledge of the property and the designed end product was available to Exengo’s employees, we were also asked to participate as on-site installation coordinators together with Arcona. Arcona’s production staff.

The assignment largely involved the management of installers, monitoring and control of work carried out and creating the conditions for their work by planning and directing other professional groups such as drillers, carpenters, building services, etc. Exengo was mainly responsible for the HVAC contract, but the role also extended to the other technical contracts such as sprinkler, ventilation, electricity and control.

The highly detailed knowledge of the designed technology and the ideas behind the design were highly valued by all those involved in the production. Our role as both technical consultant and installation coordinator created a natural and efficient communication path between production and the design team.

The mission lasted about 18 months.


Property owners


Year of assignment




Surface area

27 000 sqm


Mikael Silkeberg (photos 1 and 2)