Kulturhuset & teaterhuset

Kulturhuset and Teaterhuset at Sergels torg in Stockholm are part of Skansen 23. The buildings were designed by world-renowned architect Peter Celsing. The buildings were inaugurated between 1968 and 1974 and are classified blue according to the the City Museum’s cultural-historical classification, the buildings are considered to be particularly valuable in terms of cultural history and correspond to the requirements for a building monument according to the Cultural Heritage Act. Much attention has been paid to preserving and restoring the buildings to their original appearance.

Skansen 23 has been a refurbishment project of the Culture and Theater House’s technical installations that have reached their useful life. The refurbishment has been carried out with the aim of improving the indoor environment and to create a more energy efficient building with easier operational maintenance.

Exengo has been involved in the design of the lighting and electrical and telecommunications systems since the start of the project in 2015. Skansen 23 has been an extensive project with its 70,000 square meters containing many different businesses and tenants. Kulturhuset consists of nine floors with large glass facades facing Sergels torg. Much of the ground floor is taken up by restaurants, shops and the brand new visitor center. A little higher up in the building, there are several libraries, exhibition spaces, a cinema, an auditorium and the Kulturhuset Theater Bar. Kulturhuset is one of Stockholm’s most visited buildings. Exengo has designed almost all areas of the building at all stages, from inventory to final construction documents.

Teaterhuset consists of twelve floors, the lower levels contain many of the stages with their associated backstage areas, dressing rooms and dressing rooms. There is also a large carpentry workshop, a painting workshop and a smithy. The centerpiece of Teaterhuset is the Main Stage with its high stage wind. The areas around the stage wind include offices, a tailor’s shop and rehearsal rooms. In the system action phase, new installations were designed for almost the entire building. In the construction document, the main focus was on the lower floor of Teaterhuset.

The buildings will be certified within Breeam In Use, level Good.

Property owners


Year of assignment




Surface area

70 000 sqm


Jansin & Hammarling (Figures 1-3),

Johan Eldrot Ahrbom & Partner (Figure 4-8)


Electrical Engineering, Communication and Security, KNX building automation,

Lighting design