Huddinge has a new primary school planned for about 720 pupils. A modernly designed building of about 8,500m2, with a corridor-free layout and a light-filled courtyard surrounded by different types of rooms and classrooms for students and staff.

Energy performance is in focus, and Glömstaskolan is being designed to meet the energy performance requirements set for passive houses and Gold in the area of Energy for Buildings. Green Building . Exengo has been commissioned to design and plan all installations for Glömstaskolan, energy coordination, and the work to environmentally certify the building.

The disciplines involved from Exengo are: Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering, Energy, Environment, Communication and Security, Building Automation and HVAC. Work started in spring 2014 and a system document was delivered in the summer of the same year.

The design of the construction documents continued in the fall of 2014. Move-in for school activities was in the fall of 2016.


Property owners


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Huddinge, Stockholm

Surface area

8500 sqm