Friendly building

Friendly Building is a company that builds and delivers energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings for hotels, rental apartments, condominiums, student housing and preschools. Friendly Building says: “Our steel and concrete modules are developed for the freedom of the architect, the economy of the developer and the sustainability of society”.

Exengo has been entrusted and commissioned to design for Friendly Building in several projects, and to contribute with energy coordination. First out was Villa Värmdö and a new preschool of 800 square meters. Most recently, the design of Kv. Pluto has 76 new apartments for students in Tyresö, where the goal was to certify the property as a passive house according to PHI’s standard. Next to the new residential buildings, Exengo Lighting is also designing new exterior lighting. The client for exterior lighting and electricity is ByggVesta .

Picture from left: Villa Värmdö, FSK Typografen, Kv Pluto

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Värmdö, Hägersten and Tyresö, Stockholm

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