Ericsson has created new meeting places, communication routes, exhibition halls and a new entrance in the Isafjord neighborhood in Kista. The project includes about 8,000 square meters of renovation and extension divided into three sub-projects, Open Box, Pavilion and Ericsson Studio.

Located in the heart of the campus, Open Box is a new meeting place with room for creativity. It can also host exhibitions and film productions.

A new communication path has also been created in the area, connecting the main entrance on Torshamnsgatan with a new entrance on Grönlandsgatan in Pavilion via Open Box. The Pavilion is a large entrance hall for exhibitions etc. that has become part of the Ericsson Studio. The Ericsson Studio has undergone a major refurbishment, moving from a temporary to a permanent building with unique new content.

Exengo has designed installations in HVAC, building automation, electrical engineering and lighting design for all three sub-projects from the early investigation phase to actual construction documents.

Year of assignment




Surface area

about 8000 sqm