Ericsson Imagine Studio – En av finalisterna i Svenska Ljuspriset!

Our unique project Ericsson Imagine Studio is one of the finalists in the Swedish Light Prize!

For the third time, we will have the opportunity to stand on stage during Light Day as one of the finalists in the Swedish Light Prize. This time with a truly unique project that demonstrates how light and architecture together can create magic!

In 2017 the project started as one of our turnkey projects where we designed all installations from early investigations to final construction documents. The project that started as a small entrance grew into a sea of steel pipes. Lighting concepts have been carefully created together with the architects at Sandell Sandberg to achieve a lighting environment that interacts with and highlights the unique architecture. Test installations and test lighting have been carried out to verify the solutions. The light has also been connected to a control system to enable different scenarios by changing color, movement and light intensity. All to create a living environment!

We look forward to September 6 when the winner of the Swedish Light Prize will be announced!

Published on 10 June 2022

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