Downtown Camper

The Skansen 18 property houses Scandic’s famous hotel Downtown Camper . The hotel is located at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm and contains 494 rooms, 4000 square meters of retail space and 2300 square meters of restaurant and meeting rooms. On the roof is the hotel’s wellness area, The Nest with an outdoor pool, sauna, experience showers and a cocktail lounge with a magnificent view of Stockholm.

The property is owned by Stena Fastigheter and previously housed the Sergel Plaza hotel. Exengo has designed all installations for HVAC, lighting design, building automation, electrical engineering systems, energy and environment.

The hotel opened in September 2017.

In the fall of 2020, the property was certified according to LEED gold level. Certification means that the building meets the requirements of BBR and the American building standard ASHRAE. The certification work has been very extensive, with measures implemented in many different environmental aspects such as choice of materials, surroundings, energy efficiency, water management and indoor climate. For example, water-efficient mixers have been installed that reduce water use by 40% compared to conventional buildings, new lighting and sun protection systems that improve the light and daylight environment. Great emphasis has also been placed on resource conservation and the reuse of existing facades, floor joists and internal walls. Read more at Stena Fastigheter here .


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Surface area

28000 sqm


Erik Nissen, Stylt Trampoli (photos 1-12),

Mikael Silkeberg (photos 13-15)