Business systems

Exengo wants to be a leading technology consultant and show the way together with our customers towards a more sustainable society. Our business systems support us in constantly developing our way of working and knowledge to meet the challenges of the future.


Exengo’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Our ambition is to create sustainable and inspiring environments for people who value quality. We strive for long-term relationships with our customers and partners by providing knowledge, security and quality throughout the work process.

We work to

  • The end result meets the customer’s expectations; explicit and implicit requirements.
  • Documents are designed for their intended use.
  • Timetables and financial frameworks are respected.
  • The customer should see us as driven and committed.
  • Constantly improve our work through feedback.


Exengo’s environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015. Exengo works to create a sustainable society. We work actively to develop and execute economic and sustainable installation solutions with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and human health. The environmental work is also followed in our daily routines, where we have explicit environmental goals regarding, for example, travel at work, purchasing, energy consumption and recycling of waste.

We work to

  • Minimize energy use in installation systems to reduce the environmental impact throughout the lifetime of a system.

  • When choosing products, avoid materials with a high environmental impact.

  • Create a good indoor climate for the user.

  • Our staff are updated on environmental legislation and our environmental management procedures to ensure compliance with the legislation.

  • Continuously improve our environmental management system through long-term and short-term objectives and action programs, which are regularly renewed and monitored.


Working environment

Exengo is certified according to ISO 45001:2018 to create a good and sustainable working environment for our employees. A good working environment is essential for a successful business. The management system is a tool that helps us work systematically to improve the physical and social health of our employees. The system sets requirements for safety, psychosocial work environment, management commitment and employee involvement in the company.

It is important for us to have a workplace that is stimulating and challenging for all employees. Health and safety is involved in everything we do in the Office and in our missions. Since the start of the company, we have prioritized wellness, which stimulates our employees and creates the conditions for good health today and throughout life.

The management team continuously evaluates the company’s efforts in the area of health and safety in order to achieve continuous improvements in the daily work environment. Our management, together with the Safety Committee, coordinates and manages an ongoing health and safety policy to create a good and safe working environment through employee participation and involvement.

Being motivated by your work is fundamental to good health.

We work to ensure that every employee:

  • Know the company’s goals and vision
  • Enjoying and developing their skills in their work
  • Understand their role and the importance of their work
  • Being able to influence their own work situation
  • Have a sense of responsibility for their work and the necessary authority.
  • Taking responsibility for your health

Exengo works with stress prevention measures to ensure that no employee suffers ill health or illness as a result of work-related stress. The main risks of work-related stress are high workload, imbalance between demands and resources, and problems related to social interaction in the workplace. Another risk is deficiencies in the physical work environment. Exengo works to reduce these health risks and collaborates with occupational health services and ergonomists who make regular visits to our workplace.