About us

Exengo is a young and growing technology consulting company. Since its inception in 2011, the company has grown steadily and now employs around 60 people. We specialize in providing integrated installation design and specialists in all areas of technology.

With our broad expertise and dedicated employees, we are involved in the development, renovation and new construction of Stockholm and Uppsala’s most exciting projects. The modern activity-based headquarters in central Stockholm acts as a hub for project areas.

Committed team players

Exengo consists of a flat organization with both experienced and young employees who unpretentiously collaborate towards delivering the best product. We promote a strong team spirit that we know creates our unique working environment. Through dedicated employees and different areas of expertise, we offer specialized teams for each individual assignment, leading to successful projects.

We see strength in equality and diversity and strive to develop and are always curious and open to new talented players. To maintain our position at the forefront of our various disciplines, internal and external training and relevant skills development are continuously carried out as needed. We work actively on the health and well-being of our employees and each other to perform at their best, feel good, have a balance in life and feel and give pleasure.

Customers and partners

We work responsive, committed and close to our customers and partners, which are some of the country’s leading architectural and interior design offices, project management companies, leading construction contractors, property owners, property developers and authorities and organizations.

We believe and act on the fact that cooperation is a winning concept. Our working philosophy for building long-term relationships is to create trust and security through our commitment combined with our expertise.

Experts in large and small projects

We approach all projects large and small with the same commitment, enthusiasm and expertise. We are constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs. Together with the customer, we create and design optimized and creative installation technology solutions that last into the future.

Exengo offers the highest level of service and specialists in lighting design, electrical engineering, communication & security, HVAC, automation & control, surveillance and energy. In addition to design, we also carry out inspections, calculations, investigations and procurement. Our expertise is used in various types of assignments for both existing buildings and new constructions. With assignments for offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, shopping centers, sports arenas, power plants, schools and homes, we operate on a broad front with extensive experience.

Om oss på Exengo